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We connect YouTube influencers with causes and people that matter.

It is our goal to create successful partnerships between online video creators and advertising campaigns that are profitable for both sides. No YouTube channel is too small to partner with us because every audience could potentially be crucial for an advertising campaign.

USfluence is a leading digital media company, based in California, that specializes in connecting YouTube influencers with highly relevant causes, campaigns and candidates.

YouTube is the perfect place to reach millennials who prefer watching their favorite YouTube influencers over traditional media outlets. These influencers are sincere and credible and their opinion matters to a wide, yet targeted audience.

We partner with these influencers in a way that provides pinpoint accuracy of reach, while delivering impact often superior than all other forms of media. We do so by leveraging the loyal following of our influencers, who drive unparalleled reach and effectiveness of speaking to their audiences in your words, with their voice.

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