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Clinton the Favorite, According to Poll by Harvard Institute of Politics

In April of this year, the Harvard Institute of Politics [IOP], located at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, conducted a poll to find out who Young Americans consider to be the front-runner for President in 2016.

61% of polled responses when given the choice between Clinton and Trump chose Clinton overwhelmingly. Only 25% said that they would vote for Trump.

Among young Democrats, Clinton leads Trump by 78 points (83%: Clinton; 5%: Trump), but among Republicans, Trump leads by only 44 points (57%: Trump; 13%: Clinton). Among Independents, Clinton has a 23-point lead (43%: Clinton; 20%: Trump), with 36% undecided.

Clinton leads significantly with both men and women. Among men, it’s 47% for Clinton, 29% supporting Trump; and the lead expands among women, with 57% for Clinton and 15% for Trump.

Clinton has a narrow 6-point lead among 18- to 29-year-old whites (38%: Clinton; 32%: Trump), but polls into the 70s with both the black and Hispanic communities. Among African Americans, Clinton leads Trump 76% to 5%, and among Hispanics, she has a similar-sized lead at 71% to Trump’s 9%.
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